Monday, April 5, 2010

Right and Wrong Places

So, a semi-light hearted update?
We (Derek and I) have had our world turned upside down. Now if I knew you wanted to sit around and read about how we love SC, bought a new tv, and hate our jobs, I would. BUT, thats another story for another time, and not what this blog is about.

Instead, I think Ill blab about the pressure to fit in.

see. Even Stupidfox and his friends feel pressure to fit in.

Why is it so important for human beings, especially young ones, to have a "right place" in the world? Personally, I dont know that there is a right place for me. Maybe laying on my stomach on the warm sand of the beach, staring into the never-ending reaches of the ocean. Yeah, I think if I have a right place, it is there.

Obviously, I am to strongheaded to be the bitch in a kitchen. I know you have to do it to become a great chef, and blah blah blah...But does anyone remember that my dream is not necessarily to be a chef? No, I want to start my own / (hopefully) The first 100% Dessert and Pastry Art centered magazine...Or be a famed food writer. So, I dont think I deserve all the crap I catch from being actually standing up for myself and knowing that I obviously dont stand in, and dont want to come into work everyday and be out-of-my-mind miserable every waking second. I want to learn, I want to be happy, and I dont want my work to be only about getting a paycheck. So what if I have to take a $1.50 cut from my old paycheck, to be a little happier?

Also, I hope to enter a few pieces of my work into a photography contest at the end of the month. The prize money isn't huge, but it would sure be a nice confidence boost, in a lacking time.

well. my cat is demanding my attention, and ive been meaning to get to my chores for a while.
hope everyone is well.
Share thoughts on "fitting in"?

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CT said...

Court, you're a strong headed passionate woman, once you find what you want to really, really do, you're going to be amazing at it, you're an amazing photographer, amazing writer, and a damn good baker/pastry chef. I don't even do desserts, but if you started that magazine, even if I didn't know you I would read it, it'd be a masterpiece. You're artistic in every way that I'm not, I'm just a cook. you have a future in whatever you want.

PS I always found the problem with fitting in is that if you do, you don't stand out. I don't want to be like everyone else, I want to be better. and if I know you well at all, and I do, you're the same way