Friday, March 5, 2010

6 Impossible Things.

I could go on for hours and paragraphs about how much I am in love with Alice In Wonderland. But I wont. Ill just say....Its life.

In fact, Im fighting the urge to roll around on the ground and tear at myself until grey and electric blue fur appears instead of skin, and I can float around singing nonsense. Im also fighting to not bust out a sketch pad and draw the ideas of Alice inspired cakes, desserts, buffets, and well, anything really. Well....I shouldn't fight that...But my sketchbook is lost in the abyss of packed-ness.

But, in the spirit, Im creating my own list of 6 Impossible Things to believe in.
1. My boyfriend is the one I will spend the rest of my life with.
2. I will be successful in whatever I want to do. 
3. I will be happy.
4. Everything happens for a reason
5. I will learn to eat more food
6. I will be known for something.

None of these things are actually impossible... because if its anything Alice In Wonderland teaches us, its nothing is impossible.

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