Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What the hell is Low Country?

I really am tired of the cold and the winter. Do not get me wrong, I am an avid snowboarder and snowbunny...But, Ive had my fill. 6 months ago my gang and I were walking to the dinning hall at New England Culinary Institute, kicking the brown grass underneath our feet, praying for the ground to be covered with the good stuff. But now, I'm craving sun, sand, and well all those touristy things they advertise on the Charlestons Visitors Guide website. But, due to reasons completely beyond my control, I'm stuck in the snow a little longer. Oh well. The company is good anyway ( <3 )

So anyways. Pondering again the Charleston website, what the hell is Low Country? Especially Low Country Cuisine? Anyone? I know the south, and I know comfort food. Same thing, right? Mashed Potatoes, Cornbread, Gritts, Biscuits, Gravy, Beans, Craw-fish, Oysters, Lobster....did I cover everything? Either way, it sounds damn good. This will be my second experience in Fine Dinning, and as much as I really want to learn as much as I can about it, lets face it, fine dinning food = not so beuno. I cant speak for everyone of course, because I am not wealthy and can not ritually go out to 5 diamond restaurants and eat $90 steaks. If you do live that lifestyle, I congratulate you. Your life must be wonderful. Anyways, its more of a curious event for me. Having my paws on such fine food, going to such fine people. Food in which the ingredients cost more than I probably make in a day. Same goes to most of the chefs who work in fine dinning, who leave thier shift and go pick up the greasiest, nastiest, left over burger from a joint down the street. Now that, is comfort food.  

What was this about?
Oh right, Low Country Food.
So, I consider this a journey. A journey to the so called, un-explored, "Low Country". I want the best tasting, living, breathing, bleeding, southern food thrown at me. I know my boyfriend will add something to this about being an extreamly picky eater, and having crappy dietary restrictions, but I still want to explore.
This is will be a new journey, moving to a new area. Completed in culinary school, with a degree in Pastry Arts. Bring it on South Carolina.
I Dare You. 



Cameron said...

if your boyfriend doesn't, I will.... she's really really really picky ya'll, and her dietary restrictions suck. This girls a trooper though, love her to death. good luck in south carolina sis.


Jeanine said...

Dietary restrictions?...really it's dietary preferences!!